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Luke The Designer

I’ve worked in the digital space over the last 12 years as a web designer/project manager for both marketing agencies and directly with brands and businesses on their web-presence and marketing.

My experience includes design, account management, project management, copywriting, front-end dev, and business development working with B2C and B2B brands.

I’m looking to have discussions with companies who want to hire a web designer who has real big-brand experience across sectors such as luxury hospitality, fashion retail, food, furniture, beverages, facilities management, and more.

In me, my employer can expect, a sense of urgency, attention-to-detail, good customer service, and commercial acumen.

High-Fidelity Concepts

I believe that clients, teams and stakeholders need to see high-fidelity conceptual mock-ups and prototypes in order to make firm decisions and to establish the direction of the look-and-feel of their brand’s online prior to development.

The tech I use

Latest Blog Posts

My blog is where I enjoy sharing insights and techniques regarding web development, online marketing, maximising conversion and more.

My approach

In my years working within web design and development I have experienced many approaches and workflows in taking an idea, refining it, and delivering a final solution. There’s no perfect way but a team must establish a process and follow it.

A process doesn’t have to be linear (waterfall) but a structure for workflow is extremely important as it gives project managers and team leaders a bird’s eye view of a project’s progress. Snags and challenges can be identified sooner giving ample time to rectify.

There’s no one way to manage a project and there’s always new techniques, industry standards and tech working its way through. However, I have found that the fundamentals I have listed in this section are unnegotiable in the delivery and ongoing maintenance of a website, app or online store.

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