What is an Evergreen Webinar


Evergreen refers to something that is continually fresh and stands the test of time

Often, when the need to organize a webinar arises, we’re faced with challenges such as not achieving the desired audience attendance or low turn-up of the registered audience for the webinar. Challenges of this nature make the thoughts of hosting or organizing live webinars quite discouraging, especially for growing content creators, and eCommerce agents.

With the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of institutions and businesses have been brought to their knees. Major institutions like financial, health and corporate institutions worked through the pandemic even during the lockdown, though, in shifts. Your work may have been affected due to the worldwide lockdown, but thanks to technological advancement, lots of people became remote workers.

In a bid to avert the ugly challenges of live webinars, tools that enable pre-recorded and automated webinars have been introduced, and these tools are fast taking over the webspace. These tools are evergreen webinar tools that ensure your webinar stays fresh and accessible always!

What Is An Evergreen Webinar?

“Evergreen” is a word most often associated with trees or plants that do not shed their leaves seasonally. When used in a context, evergreen usually refers to an item, article, product et cetera that is continually fresh, stands the test of time, not time-bound, and in the case of a webinar; suitable for presentation at any time.

A webinar as the name suggests is a seminar conducted over the web. It falls under the categories of web conferencing. Webinars are real-time events.
This means they’re usually hosted live, so the audience gets to see the presenter and share his/her screen live.

An Evergreen Webinar is otherwise a pre-recorded webinar that can be presented to an audience at convenience. It is an automated webinar. It can be watched repeatedly or presented to an audience as many times as need be. Attendees or viewers can participate or watch anytime, anywhere, and even when you’re unavailable.

Benefits of Evergreen Webinars

If you’re hosting a webinar, you’ll want to get everything done right and perfect. Going live for internet users is usually challenging, as not everyone is so gifted in the art of public speaking, and not everyone is afforded the luxury of plenty of spare hours. Use of tools that accommodate evergreen webinars serves several purposes:

  • Time-saving – Evergreen webinars are simply the best options for those who are usually busy and has little time to go over a whole new presentation.
  • Allows you the opportunity to treat your webinar to utmost perfection – Just as you can record a video of yourself singing, or practicing for a perfect presentation, evergreen webinars offer equal chances. You can record you, practice, redo and master each sequence until it gives you the satisfaction you so desire. You can pull the perfect pre-recorded webinar, and have it prove as interactive, engaging, and informative as real-time webinars.
  • Deliver “Evergreen” content – In as much as evergreen seminars are time savers, you can get to record content you’ll always want your audience to access once and for all. Even after several months and years, the content will remain viable, valuable, and accessible at all times.
  • Saves you the feeling of anxiety going on a live session – For first-timers, and pretty much other internet users, going live usually comes with a sense of anxiety. If you’re one to get all worked up and tensed about speaking in front of a live audience who are most likely strangers, then evergreen webinar tools were most designed for you! You’ll feel relaxed, comfortable, and more expressive while recording yourself. You can get to show your personality and deliver your best content on a pre-recorded video without having to feel anxious.
  • Fetches you value even when you’re asleep – With your sales or marketing presentation on an automated platform, clients get to watch it and patronize what you’re offering. Without your lifting as much as a finger, you get to make money from your evergreen webinars even while you sleep!

EverWebinar – An Evergreen Webinar Tool

EverWebinar is a browser-based software platform that supports pre-recorded and automated webinars. It would be fair enough to say that EverWebinar is a platform for evergreen webinars. With EverWebinar, you get to create pre-recorded webinars that give the feeling of a live webinar when customers get to participate.

Figure 2. Image of an online audience participating in an evergreen webinar at their convenience. Designed by Freepik

Features of EverWebinar

This market-leading automated software is built with lots and lots of unique features

  • Flexible Scheduling – With this, you can carefully draw out specific days of the week and time zones that best suit your audience, then set or schedule the pre-recorded webinar to be available to the audience when they want it.
  • Live Chat Simulator – You can download and port chat history you have in previous airings of the webinar, so they get to display in your automated webinar. This will make your audience engage more, thereby making your webinar more interactive as seem as though it were a live webinar.
  • Automated Email Communications – This feature allows you to send engaging and informative emails to your audience before or after your webinar. It is automated, so you have to give it a few clicks!
  • HD Presentation Quality – You’re sure of high picture quality when you need to deliver PowerPoint presentations or other shared-screen contents, regardless of the device used in streaming your pre-recorded webinar.
  • Track Performance Statistics in Real Time – You can keep track of your audience using this feature tool. It shows your performance metrics and tells you how engaging your webinar is, by showing if participants leave halfway or stay till the end of your webinar. It also keeps track of your finances by telling how much you’ll be earning per participant sign up!
  • Hybrid Webinars – This feature offers you the opportunity to combine real-time chat with your automated webinar. This way, you get to answer questions your audience may have.

Other EverWebinar feature tools you will find excellent and useful are:

  • Active Offers
  • Dynamic Attendee Display
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Just-in-Time Webinars
  • Pre-designed landing pages

With other evergreen webinar tools in the market, EverWebinar stands out tall, and provides you with the luxury of a stress-free pre-recorded and automated webinar on the go!

Most of the technological means employed are webinar-supported software and applications that affords one the luxury to hold meetings and conferences online as well as lectures and paid classes. Some of the
most popular technological avenues used include EverWebinar, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Livestorm, Zoho Meeting etc.

Before the pandemic, webinars weren’t widely used, but with the total lockdown and need to keep institutional systems running actively, a more convenient means had to be adopted, thanks to your phones, tablets, iPad, MacBook and laptops!
Hopefully, in the nearest future, remote working and webinars will be the trend of the day as life is so much easier just carrying out your usual tedious activities online, and even much better as Evergreen Webinars have come to stay![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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